Flight Base: The Heartbeat of the Projects

The video above is a revisit to the crash site of one of our planes Feb 2019 and the miraculous working of our God.

Flight Base is the heartbeat of GAMAS. It is here that all missionaries come to be allotted their projects. While in transit they are fed, supplies that they need for their stay in the jungles are bought such as flashlights, hammock, mosquito nets and all tools needed for their stay and survival.

We support and care for our pilots and all staff. We provide towels, sheets, beds, toiletries and whatever the need may be to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

How you can help:

It costs us $25.00usd weekly per person to feed our misionaries.

It costs $300.00 usd per flight to take them into the interior.

Any assistance great or small would be greatly appreciated.

To support:


Account name: Valerie Jones
Bank Details
Republic Bank Guyana
38-40 Water Street
Georgetown Guyana
swift code: RBGLGYGG
account number: 2747889
State what funds are for and for which project.
Paypal: select the amount of $25.00 payment you wish to make, then click the Paypal link. Our email address for payment is: valjones99@gmail.com



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