Project Siparuta Mission Academy

Siparuta Mission Academy (SMA) is an SDA Christian secondary school located in the Amerindian village of Siparuta, Guyana, on the Suriname border. SMA opened in September, 2007 to give young people the opportunity to attend secondary school. The school operates under the umbrella of GAMAS, a volunteer organization led by David Gates. The school’s mission is to equip students spiritually, mentally, and physically with the heart and hand service required by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in order that they may be economic, social and spiritual leaders in the global community, winning souls to His kingdom.

If this is an area in which you wish to donate and cater to, you are mostly welcomed to do so.

Send your donations to; GAMAS Flight Base c/o Tim Tillman, GMI Accountant 874 S McDonald Rd SW McDonald TN 37353. Phone: +14234731841

Thank you in advance for your assistance


Valerie Jones,

Flight Base Manager & Personal Assistant to the President,


Phone/Email: +5926088783

Account details: Account Name Valerie Jones  Republic Bank Guyana, 38-40 Water Street, Georgetown Guyana, Swift Code: RBGLGYGG Account number: 2747889. State what funds are for and which project.

or Paypal. Choose any amount by adding the amount of $25.00 payment you wish to pay.




Immediate needs of Siparuta:IMG-20181113-WA0008IMG-20181113-WA0009IMG-20181113-WA0010IMG-20181113-WA0011IMG-20181113-WA0014IMG-20181113-WA0015IMG-20181113-WA0016 (1)IMG-20181113-WA0016IMG-20181113-WA0017IMG-20181113-WA0018IMG-20181113-WA0019 (1)IMG-20181113-WA0019IMG-20181113-WA0020IMG-20181113-WA0021IMG-20181113-WA0022IMG-20181113-WA0023IMG-20181113-WA0024IMG-20181113-WA0025 (1)IMG-20181113-WA0025IMG-20181113-WA0026IMG-20181113-WA0027IMG-20181113-WA0028 (1)IMG-20181113-WA0028IMG-20181113-WA0029IMG-20181113-WA0030 (1)IMG-20181113-WA0030IMG-20181113-WA0031IMG-20181113-WA0032IMG-20181113-WA0033IMG-20181114-WA0000

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