From The Fire To The Jungle

My name is Valerie Jones. I was born in the tropical Island of Montserrat located 15 minutes by plane from Antigua. Montserrat is termed by the National Geographic as ‘A Gem in the British Crown’.

I am now a missionary in the jungles of Guyana South America supporting the 9 projects of Guyana Adventist Ministries & Services.

I am the manager for Flight Base where I do the following

  • Receive and host missionaries, pilots and guests
  • Help the missionaries transition to their various projects
  • Coordinate flights and weigh measurements.
  • Shop for the missionaries in the jungle and send via our airplane 04T
  • Manage the finances and administration for the company and missionaries
  • Promote and support the company and its projects.

GAMAS is a faith-based organization whose mission is to carry the good news of salvation to Guyana and the world through the use of mainly aviation and medical ministry.

GAMAS began with airplane pilot/mechanic and Nurse David Gates before the year 2000 whose passion is to spread the gospel through medical aviation and media ministries. Since then, several pilots mainly Gary Roberts, Jim Craig and Gary Lewis have served during the past years. After their service terminated, James Ash came and has been serving for several years. He is currently training junior pilots namely Lincoln and Chris to help with the growing work mainly in the Upper Mazaruni District, Guyana.

Since November of 2016, Captain James Ash has been training Lincoln Gomez in real life situations in flying supplies for missionaries; evacuate patients who need specialized treatment in other locations and in the transport of missionaries. He is soon to be checked out to fly into several jungle airstrips in the interior.
GAMAS´s mission is to help spread the gospel to the unreached and remote areas of Guyana by providing air and medical support to established SDA missions and to help the church open new work in unentered territory.
GAMAS works under the umbrella of Gospel Ministries International and is a well-established supporting ministry of the church, working closely with Pastors and leaders all over the country.

I will be posting the work that is being carried out on each project and would be assisting with fundraising for each. If you wish to support, name the project you are supporting and send all proceeds by wire to the following;

Account name: Valerie Jones
Bank Details
Republic Bank Guyana
38-40 Water Street
Georgetown Guyana
swift code: RBGLGYGG
account number: 2747889
State what funds are for and for which project.
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